JIM PEDRECH               press and articles

ULTIMATE GAMING CONFERENCE I was invited to run a booth at the Ultimate Gaming Conference in 2012. This news broadcast from CHCH News provides an overview of the conference and my games.

THIS TEACHER'S GOT GAME This London Free Press Article examines a few of the games I have authored.

CBC ONTARIO MORNING In 2014, I was interviewed by Wei Chen about my use of games in the classroom.

NEWSTALK RADIO, IRELAND In 2014, I was the subject of a five-minute radio interview with one of the hosts of NewsTalk radio.

GAME ON! This article from Professionally Speaking addresses the use of games (and game creation) in my classroom.

GAMES BRING LEARNING TO LIFE: JIM PEDRECH, CANADA This post appears in Daily Edventures, a blog owned by Anthony Salcito, Microsoft Vice-President of Education worldwide. Each blog entry is dedicated to a different educator.

LEARNING SPACES I wrote this article for Innovative Educator magazine, an online Microsoft publication. The article can be found on page 31.

MICROSOFT SHOW AND TELL This Sway outlines my experience using Minecraft and OneNote to provide students in Locally Developed English classes with unique writing opportunities.

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